Birk Schmithüsen

Audiovisual artist

Germany, 1986

Birk is an audiovisual artist based in Leipzig (DE). His work explores emerging technologies that affect our everyday lives. He is interested in the actual functionality hidden in a black box behind the simple and intuitive user interface. As the increasing complexity of digital systems increases the alienation between people and the services used, he opens the black boxes in aesthetic experiments. For his artistic research he uses non-perceptible, abstract concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, BigData and Computer Vision as artistic material. He combines installation, sound, visual and conceptual elements. His artistic practice is intermedial and immersive. He works as a solo artist but also in collaboration with musicians, performers and researchers. His works were shown at Chaos Communication Congress Hamburg and re:publica Berlin and he performed with KollektivArtesMobiles at at.tension festival Kulturkosmos Lärz.