Axel Antas


(Finland, 1976)

He studied in London, where he now lives and works. He has exhibited widely in Europe, recently with solo exhibitions at Rokeby gallery in London and Heino Gallery in Helsinki. His work is currently on display e.g. in Landscape collection at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki. Antas has been nominated for the third annual BMW Photography Prize at Paris Photo 2006, where he is represented by Heino Gallery. “Hovering between magic and manipulation, capture and production of nature, these works by Antas make us question what we see in the green spaces around us. They challenge vision, make it aware of its limits, its own position in the middle of the scene. The fog with all its nearsupernatural romantic associations and the near-blank canvas calling for projections while, simultaneously, tempting one closer – both draw attention to what happens between the viewer and the view. It is in this close encounter that the events of the scenes take place”. (Taru Elfving).