Aurora Suárez

Multidisciplinary artist and adjunct professor

León, 1963

After graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Universidad del País Vasco, Suárez Moreno completed postgraduate studies in London and Amsterdam. An adjunct professor at the School of Fine Arts, Universidad del País Vasco, she combines her teaching activity in secondary education institutions with a creative process she expands with her concern for the theory and practice of contemporary art and culture.

Although she began as a painter, Suárez Moreno would soon shift her interest to a type of sculpture experimenting with the use function of mundane objects, their constructive potential and ability to be redefined and interpreted in consonance with variable contexts. Another area of interest is manufactured products and post-industrial icons, in which the artist introduces key elements such as spatiality and light, coupled with an experimental use of new technologies in installations and performances, questioning the relationship between formal culture and popular culture.