Augmented Sculpture Series

Pablo Valbuena

21 September 2008


This project is focused on the temporary quality of space, investigating space-time not only as a 3D environment, but as space in transformation. For this purpose two layers are produced that explore different aspects of the space-time reality. On the one hand the physical layer, which controls the real space and shapes the volumetric base that serves as support for the next level. The second level is a virtual projected layer that allows controlling the transformation and sequentiality of space-time. The blending of both levels gives the impression of physical geometry suitable of being transformed. The overlapping produces a 3D space augmented by a transformable layer that can be controlled, resulting in the capacity through the installation of altering multiple dimensions of 
space-time. These ideas come to life in an abstract and geometric envelope, enhanced with synesthetic audio elements and establishing a dialogue with the observer.