Atenéu Nel Amaro

Association for the promotion of the figure, work and legacy of the artist Nel Amaro

The Atenéu Nel Amaro Association was born with the objective of promoting and extending the figure, work and legacy of the multidisciplinary Asturian artistNel Amaro(1946 – 2011) as well as promoting all types of cultural research that cover the areas of knowledge and development related to the universe of the Asturian artist.

In 2012, Nel Amaro’s widow and a group of friends decided to restart the Pola de Lena Performance Meetings that Nel Amaro had organized together with Abel Loureda in the nineties, with the name Alencuentru con Nel Amaro. . To date, four editions have been held thanks to the personal commitment of Olvido Herrero and the help of the Pola de Lena City Council.

The Meeting has expanded its programming over the years with the inclusion of workshops for children and for Secondary and Baccalaureate students. Starting with the 2015 edition, the meeting includes a week-long residency in which artists from various backgrounds have the opportunity to live together and work together in a small town in the Asturian mining basin, Columbiel.lo.