Artificial Intelligence as an assistant in artistic production – Lecture

23th november 2019

Given by: Birk Schmithüsen

Birk Schmithüsen is an audiovisual artist born in 1986 in Germany.  In his work he explores new technologies and their effects on our daily existence. He is interested in the real functionality that is hidden in a black box behind the simple and intuitive user interface. To this growing complexity, which feeds the alienation that occurs between the people and the services they use, Schmithüsen responds with aesthetic experiments consisting in the opening of these black boxes. The creator bases his research on and uses as artistic creation material such abstract and imperceptible concepts as Artificial Intelligence (AI), macro-data or Artificial Vision, combining installation, sound, and visual and conceptual elements. His artistic practice can be defined as “intermedial” and immersive, and Schmithüsen carries it out individually or in collaboration with musicians, performance artists and researchers.

Aimed at: General public

Programa cultural UE IIEMAP