ArtFutura 2008

2nd to 9th january 2009

The nineteenth edition of the festival that has become a point of reference in Spain for Digital Culture and Creativity will reach ten cities this year with an extensive program that explores the most important projects and ideas that have come up over the last year on the international panorama of new media, videogames and digital animation. 

This year’s program includes a special documentary on the exhibition “Souls and Machines” presented in the Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, the new selections of the ArtFutura Show, Full Motion Theater, Demos+Intros and 3D in Spain, retrospectives from the French school Supinfocom and of the Japanese animator Satoshi Tomioka, and two impacting documentaries: “The Net” by Lutz Dammbeck and “Playing Columbine” by Danny Ledonne

Venue: Nowhere/Now/Here cinema


Friday, 2nd January at 7 pm. 
ArtFutura Show 2008 (Duration: 55 min.) 

Saturday, 3rd January at 7 pm. 
3D en España 2008 (Duration: 55 min.) 
“Máquinas y Almas” (Duration: 30 min.)

Sunday, 4th January at 7 pm. 
“Retrospectiva Satoshi Tomioka” (Duration: 25 min.) 
“Full Motion Theater 2008” (Duration: 30 min.)

Wednesday, 7th January at 7 pm.
“Demos + Intros 2008” (Duration: 25 min.) 

“Retrospectiva Supinfocom – 20 Años” (Duration: 30 min.)

Thursday, 8th January at 6.30 pm. 
“Playing Columbine” by Danny Ledonne (Duration: 1 h. 30 min.) 

Friday,  9th January, at 6 pm. 
“The Net” by Lutz Dammbeck (Duration: 1 h. 55 min.)