[art of game] art of war

John Paul Bichard

17 November 2008


Art of War comprises two video works that explore how representations of violence are constructed through contemporary media and how we interpret them from our safe consumerist perspective. The works blur the convergent discourses that inform them: the war movie, the war zone documentary, the news clip, overlaying them with questions of authenticity and complicity. In a war zone where lasers are substituted for real bullets and blood and guts are imaginary, the gaze of an outsider provokes performance and curiosity in those who would play at war. Often ambiguous, the footage, which could have been shot in Beirut, Belfast or Sarajevo, sets out to explore the nature of violence and how violent conflict is contextualized in the digital media age.

Web: http://www.idealmilk.com/project/violencia/artofwar.htm