Armadillo Run

Peter Stock

26 August 2006

Peter Stock/ 2006 / United Kingdom For Personal Computers

Armadillo Run is an animated, physics-based puzzle game that requires players to build structures in which to transport an armadillo from one on-screen location to another. Completion of each level is dependent upon a set of requirements that mimic real-world design constraints. There are many solutions to each level, encouraging creativity and problem solving. Once a level is complete, it’s possible to return to optimize the design for a better outcome.

Like the earlier software toys The Incredible Machine (1992) and SodaConstructor (2000), Armadillo Run derives its appeal—and its potential for learning— from allowing its users to apply trial and error to design and test physical simulations.

Armadillo Run was a finalist for both the Grand Prize and Design Innovation award at the 2007 Independent Games Festival.