Friedrich Kirschner

5 December 2007

Friedrich Kirschner / 2007 / Germany

“Anisandbox” is a musical interactive experience created with Movie Sandbox, a free, open source animation production tool created using the Unreal Tournament 2004 video game engine. With Movie Sandbox, makers can create videos in real-time by capturing sequences of images from the “inside” of a videogame. The resulting works are known as “machinima.” For Gameworld, Kirschner has devised an installation using Movie Sandbox in which visitors can control various aspects of the machinima-making process. One person moves the cameras inside the game, while two others maneuver avatars on the screen and provide musical accompaniment with a guitar-shaped controller. Anisandbox transforms multi-players into live “multiproducers,” expanding the experience of creating and manipulating 3D environments.