Animation movies For Children

20th december 2008 – 31th january 2009

“For Children” aims to bring current animation closer to young children. Its contents have been designed considering the worries, concerns and hopes of children and “speaks” their language.
The works have been created by renowned authors and independent artists, as well as by students from avant-garde animation schools and universities. The short-movies are full of didactic messages and include a highly creative and experimental element, offering as a whole a visual alternative to commercial animated films.

Targeting: session1 rated for all publics and session 2 rated + 7 years old

Enrolment: Admission free. During the session, adults acompanying children will be invited to visit the exhibitions at LABoral.

Curated by: Ángela Molina F.
Co-production: Sala Parpalló and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Session 1

Time: noon

Hugh. Mathieu Navarro, Sylvain Nouveau, François Pommiez & Aurore Turbé. FrancE. 2007
Porque eres divino. Brent Dawes. South Africa. 2007
Pierna Arriba. Bevin Carnes. USA. 2007
Planeta Feliz. Dhimant Vyas. India. 2006
El Monstrejo. Pep Lluís Lladó. Spain. 2007
Pequeños Dinosaurios. Dana Dorian. UK. 2008
El pequeño pececillo. Sergei Ryabov. Russia. 2007
Polluelo pasado por agua. Arjan Wilschut. Netherlands. 2006
El Pájaro con Hélice. Thomas Hinke y Jan Locher. Germany. 2005
El Guijarro. Ellen Hoffmann. Germany. 2007
Mi Final Feliz. Milen Vitanov. Germany / Bulgaria. 2007
La Tentación Del Caramelo. He Qing, Nong Li & Mao Bo. China. 2007

Session 2

Time: 4.30 pm

KJFG NO5. Alexei Alexeev. Hungary. 2007
Tarde o Temprano. Jadwiga Kowalska. Switzerland. 2007
Mi Pequeño Ángel. Bryan Larson. USA. 2007
Abridged. Arjun Rihan. USA. 2007
Al Dente. Jean F. Barthelemy, Maël François, Carlos F. León. France. 2007
Ángel a pie. Saschka Unseld & Jacob Schuh. Germany. 2008
Te Amo. Benoit Feroumont. Belgium. 2007
Planeta Temático. Michael Sormann. Austria. 2007
Kudan. Taku Kimura. Japan. 2008