Ángeles Angulo


(Lorca, Murcia)

Following her dance studies at Corservatorio de Danza y Música de Murcia, in 1993 she moves to Barcelona and works with several companies such as Danat Danza, Cía Mudances-Àngels Margarit, La Fura dels Baus, etc. In 1996 after receiving several prizes and awards, she creates with other artists from Murcia the collective Erre que Erre Danza where she was choreographer and performer. With Erre que Erre she takes part in many stage projects, but also projects of video-dance, video-art, etc.

In 2009 she takes part in the stage project Avatar* (with the artist Román Torre) and after several national and international tours with this piece, she develops a special interest for hybrid projects between visual arts, body and technology. She is currently managing several projects related with the cultural association Espai Erre, a centre that organises several platforms and festivals related with body and technology, such as the platform of video-dance 360º Muvers or, more recently, the festival Fenomens.