Carlos Coronas

29 November 2007

Site-specific installation for the Sala de Exposiciones,La Caridad. Wall painting and neon tubes

The artist introduced neon lights in works in which the painterly reference is reinforced with light compositions on pictorial surfaces remitting to classic geometric abstraction.

The possibilities of that “painting with light,” as critics defined Coronas’ work on the occasion of his latest solo exhibitions, are materialised in this show titled Anclajes – Extensiones [Anchors – Extensions], thus connecting the original concept of this LABoral exhibition project with the identity of his own work, with “anchor” preceding “extension” in inner architectural spaces the artist occupies using the walls as a support for this work and covering the very spatial domain with a light irradiating in all directions. A double occupation through which Coronas advocates a “physical dissolution of the limits of the works” with the light as a painting material and element that extends beyond the limitless space.

The venue in which Carlos Coronas has prepared to place his site-specific installation is the former exhibition hall of Casa de Cultura in El Franco, located in La Caridad, capital of this department. A space that, with this exhibition, brings its role as a prestigious exhibition centre of Western Asturias to an end given its imminent move to another premises. A space that has hosted some of the most important contemporary art exhibitions organised in the region in the last ten years, with a courageous programme, open to all types of proposals.