Ana Villamañan

Drawer and painter

Born in Avilés in 1992

Ana Villamañan enjoyed experimenting with drawing and painting since she was a child, which led her, years later, to begin her studies in architecture.

After finishing her degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, she decided to specialise in interior design by taking a master’s degree at the same school, as her main interest was the creation of residential environments.

In 2018, she returned to Asturias and started her own interior design studio, also collaborating with other companies in the sector. Thanks to her success, in 2020 she was able to focus 100% on her own studio thanks to the increase in turnover.

Recently, one of Ana Villamañan Studio’s projects has been published in the magazines El Mueble, Mi Casa Revista and Casa Rustica. Currently she continues to draw and paint in her spare time.