Ana Perez Martin

1 July 2023 – 31 July 2023

Ana Pérez Martín trained as a journalist specialized in culture while taking different courses and training in the field of therapy.

He has always been motivated by his passion for art, as a form of expression of beauty with all its nuances, and for knowledge of the emotional world of the human being, especially for self-knowledge.

From a very young age she found in writing an escape route and a channel to connect with herself and share and transmit her feelings. To this discipline she has been adding, always from the position of apprentice, others such as interpretation or photography.

Project in residence

Dolor y orgullo. Diálogos con un útero vacío.

How visible is the defeat of a normative body? What happens when the body of a person socialized as a woman, apparently functional, who fits the aesthetic and cultural canons, falls ill and fails in the mission of gestation? Is there room for mourning when pain can be camouflaged behind a desirable appearance? How much prison and how much salvation is there in admiring glances?

Faced with the impossibility of fulfilling the desire to gestate (one’s own and the one socially imposed on a woman of childbearing age), what function does a normative body fulfill? A body that fits the aesthetic canon is associated with health. What happens when it is ill? How is the image of perfection sustained when pain rumbles inside?

Pain and pride. Dialogues with an empty womb is a performance in which a dialogue is established between pain and ego. Between grief and pride. A dialogue before a potential external gaze, confronted by this dance of priorities.

Project selected in the I Call for Artistic Residencies 2023.

Activity financed and promoted by Regional Ministry of Culture, Language Policy and Tourism.