Ambiente de Estereo Realidad 4

José Carlos Martinat & Enrique Mayorga

3 September 2007

Robotic Installation Variable dimensions Courtesy of the artists

Ambiente de Estereo Realidad 4 consists of a cube containing three hidden autonomous printing modules, equipped with a mechanical system which rotates and opens small windows from inside and outside the cube through which it flings printed flyers. The output of the printers towards the inside contains texts referring to a “You” whilst the texts referring to “Them” are flung outwards. An algorithm system creates search strings on the Internet for sentences based on the keywords “debería” (she/he should) and “deberían” (they should). This work belongs to the series Ambientes de Estereo Realidad, a project Martinat and Mayorga have been working on together since 2003, aimed at reflecting on the purpose of household objects and on the digital and massively informed surrounding world. Its different implementations have been awarded internationally. This work was specifically produced for this exhibition.