Amalia Ulman

Multidisciplinary artist

She was born in 1989. Lives and works in London and Gijón

A graduate for the Central Saint Martins (London), her works gravitate among topics as social differences and how they affect interpersonal interactions, emotions and relationships. Her work analyzes issues such as social stratification, cultural capital, imitation class and seduction. Its objective is the scrutiny of hierarchical structures, power relations, charity and empathy. Formally, Ulman could be considered a multidisciplinary artist. From early web works to new parts that take sculptural forms and incorporate the use of installations, photographs and performative acts; Amalia applies different techniques depending on the projects, exhibition or works; trying to generate a conversation between concept and medium. Parallel to his career, she maintainsa constant interest with regard to healing practices, writing essays and literary texts. She is the founder and director of MAWU-LISA project and co -founder of the project Immune Stability that combines art fashion and technology. She has written essays as F/F (Friends & Favourites), published by print and online magazines.