Almacén de Corazonadas

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

2 September 2006

Interactive Installation Variable dimensions Courtesy of the artist

Almacén de Corazonadas is an interactive installation inviting visitors to capture their heartbeats through an interface. Each of the nearly one hundred spotlights located in the exhibition space blink at a different pace. An interface, made of two metal tubes connected to a spotlight, detects the participant’s heartbeat by means of sensors and activates the interface spotlight which starts to blink at the same rate as the heart. When the visitor releases the interface, the blinking pattern goes from the interface spotlight to the spotlights of the installation. The heartbeat of the first participant eventually disappears when visitor number 89 captures his/her pulse, therefore recycling the patterns.Almacén de Corazonadas was designed for the textile shopfloor of “La Constancia”, an old mill at Puebla (Mexico), and was presented there for the first time in 2006.