All that is Solid Melts into Air!

System-77CCR Consortium

4 November 2009

Unmanned tactical aerobatic operation/observation installation.

Production: Zavod Projekt Atol. Coproduction: LABoral. With the support of: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana Cultural Department. C-Astral Ltd. Bramor UAS was developed, designed and manufactured by C-Astral Ltd., Ajdovscina, Slovenia

S-77CCR is a tactical media and hardware counter-surveillance consortium, set up to develop, design, and operate Unmanned Aerial Systems in several different scenarios and settings in which the civil society can 
be empowered by counter-surveillance technologies. All that is Solid Melts into Air! is a new work by the S-77CCR Consortium, which explores the potential of tactical unmanned systems for codifi ed aesthetic operations in line with the aeropittura futurista tradition. The work consists of a fl ying performance and an installation documenting the performance and presenting the history of the consortium and its different projects and platforms.