Alexandre Oliver

Industrial engineering student

Industrial engineering student at the Miguel Hernández University of Elx, although initially his idea was to study aeronautics, the need to go outside his hometown to be able to do so pushed him to look for closer but equally interesting alternatives.

The attraction he felt for the manufacture of flying objects since he was little was what motivated him at the age of 15 to start making model rockets and later in jet turbines, using the materials at his disposal and accessing information. who found himself on the Internet in a self-taught way.

After this first phase marked by a strong motivation but an almost total lack of technical means, he put aside his aspirations in this regard and focused on obtaining tools for his new projects, this led him to get involved in the world of manufacturing. digital and develop several prototypes of numerical control machines always following the same self-taught principles, convinced that the future (and present) of engineering involves digital manufacturing and the idea of ​​Fabbing born at MIT together with free shared knowledge (already whether in the form of hardware or free software) and self-learning.