Alejandro Mazuelas Kamiruaga

Multidisciplinary artist

Design, Spaces, Motion Graphics, Illustration, 3D, Photography, Music & Audio, Advertising, Photography, Illustration, 3D

His efforts are aimed at trying to give value to “things”, working with materials, products and creating new objects, transforming or not the material.

He is interested in the confrontation of objects, work processes and the development of a product. This is what is most interesting to this artist, as it gives rise to approaches where two or more discourses and scenarios have their place, where the object can have its space, its role. This differentiation that the object can develop according to the scenario in which it lives, gives rise to opinions, ways of thinking and understanding, which he finds attractive and suggestive.

He is inclined towards dialogue and the contradictions transmitted by the same object, its positioning in different possible scenarios and environments and its development. According to the artist, a product that does not emit dialogue in a scenario is not always a dead product or one that lacks life and meaning.

He analyses objectual and social classism. The contextualisation and decontextualisation of objects:

-A nondescript, static and invisible object, which does not generate curiosity and is boring, can arouse individual or social interest within another container that apparently gives it value, content and/or context. This same product ends up acquiring value and notoriety, would this scenario then be changing the value of the object or is it simply observed by easily influenced characters? If in a neutral scenario, a product appears as a naked object at a glance, devoid of insinuation and not at all suggestive, does it or does it not leave room for imagination, logic, function, utility and creativity?