Alejandra López

Philosopher specialized in Arts and Digital Technologies

Philosopher specialized in Arts and Digital Technologies. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Communication Networks and Social Change (CNSC) group of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Internet (IN3/UOC), she is also part of the Vector of Sociotechnical Conceptualization Collective promoted by the Technopolitics Unit of the same group.  She teaches Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts at BAU (College of Arts and Design Barcelona). In her research she examines the relationships that are woven between body and data from a paradigm of distributed agency and cognition. She has translated Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s book Fenomenología del Fin. Sensibilidad y mutación conectiva (Caja Negra, 2017) and published articles and essays in various magazines and publishing houses such as Holobionte, BRAC, InterARTive, Teknokultura, Arquine, El Salto and exhibition texts such as Ssssssssilex (La Capella) or Cuerpo y Ficción (Dilalica).