Alberto Valverde

Artist and technologist

Artist and technologist. With a wide experience in system design, creation of interactive and multimedia environments, web design and robotics.

He has taught various multimedia materials of the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Vigo and is currently in the Master of Animation and Audiovisual Illustrated book at the same university.

In his work, Valverde investigates about chaos as way of order, proposing the creation of random vectors. At the same time he pays special attention to the relationship between man and machine.

In 2010 he received the first prize of the 11th Muestra Internacional Unión Fenosa. Organized by MAC de A Coruña, due to the interactive installation Reflejos y Antireflejos. His work has also been awarded in Tentaciones 2011 –Estampa. Madrid– and in AlNorte 2012. He has also been selected in numerous competitions, among them; stand out the El premio de Grabado Máximo Ramos de Ferrol, Lúmen_Ex – Premios de Arte Digital de la Universidad de Extremadura–, as well as the XLIV Certamen Nacional de Arte de Luarca, Asturias.

His recent exhibitions include Relacions/Interactions in the Verge Gallery in Sydney and Desenho na Universidade Hoje, in Porto, Portugal.