Advanced workshop on the construction and design of interactive instruments

Until 16 December 2016

We will learn some basic concepts of waves, frequencies, phase, amplitude and harmonic series for spectrum processing and synthesis, ADSR envelopes, signal flow for sound processing in order to build and control our own self-made synthesizers. We will learn to design and build circuits and various control interfaces. We will learn how to use oscillators and generate AM and FM modulation. We will also look at a variety of different types of Synthesis, such as: Additive Synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis, Frequency Modulation Synthesis, Phase Distortion Synthesis, Granular Synthesis, Physical Modelling Synthesis, Sampler Synthesis and analysis/resynthesis techniques with filters and the Fourier transform.

Registration fee: 70 euros / 50 euros (with Platform 0 annual membership card)
Registration deadline: 7 December 2016