Adrián Cuervo


Until 30 April 2019

Born in Gijón, 1981

Adrián Cuervo graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and is specialised in audiovisuals and new technologies. He is a founding member of Laboratorio de Arte Interactivo at the University of Granada. In 2009 he received the acquisition award at the 8th Government of Cantabria Visual Arts Award and a prize at the 20th Principality of Asturias Visual Arts Show. He is currently preparing an individual exhibition for later in 2010 at the MeBAS space at the Fine Arts Museum in Santander. His work focuses on new media, audiovisual and sound art. He creates objects and works that incite a reflection on the capitalist consumer society, philosophy, and perceptions of reality, from the aesthetics of plastic poetics.


‘O.P.A.L’ is the project selected in the 2018 II Call for Art Residencies

O.P.A.L. is an audiovisual project in which the artist creates a micro-scenario composed of beams of light, prisms, mirrors and motors, which work autonomously. In this micro-scenario several visual patterns follow one another, which are collected by cameras and projected in large format.

The project is conceived as an audiovisual installation and as a live set.

Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of the Principality of Asturias

Gobierno del Principado