Activities programme A screaming comes across the sky

11th october 2014 – 21th february 2015

This programme of activities, designed by LABoral, is associated to the exhibition A screaming comes across the sky (Llega un grito a través del cielo) with the following goals:
– Fostering a critical reflection on the technology of UAVs
– Disseminating a practical thinking about this technology, using electronics and open code software for manufacturing and designing automated flying devices, based on the internal research that the Production Centre of LABoral has been carrying out since 2012.

In the frame of the exhibition A screaming comes across the sky the curator and some of the participants artist will reflect on the technologies of control and surveillance and its relationship with art.

11 to 11:30 am. Introduction about the exhibition A screaming comes across the sky, by Juha van ‘t Zelfde, Curator and Artistic Director of Lighthouse, Brighton.
11:30 to 12 noon. Talk about the political use of the technology of surveillance and their role in society, by James Bridle, London, participant artist.
12 to 12.30 noon. Talk about the changes in technological tools of control and surveillance in our society and its relationship with the new media art, by Paloma G. Díaz, Barcelona, UNCOVERING Ctrl (
12:30 noon to 1 pm. Pannel Discussion. Moderated by Paloma G. Díaz. With the participation of Juha van ‘t Zelfde, and the artists James Bridle, Mariele Neudecker and Terminal Beach

Date: October 11, 2014
Venue: Plat0, LABoral 
Adressed to: General public

Since 2012, the digital fabrication lab of LABoral, fabLAB Asturias, has been developing the project TheDrone, a research about UAVs, their potential social and artistic applications, the connection with the open knowledge communities that work in its development and the new possibilities brought about by the new methods of digital fabrication and distributed creation. This research is completed with a programme of workshops and courses that started on the spring of 2014 and will continue in the framework of the exhibition.


• Aeromodelling using techniques of digital fabrication and experimental electronics
There will be two editions (one for youngsters, one for adults) aimed at introducing participants in the world of digital manufacturing and experimental electronics by manufacturing and assembling model airplanes. The aim is to have participants tap into concepts like manufacture/use/repair/use instead of buy/use/throw away.

Dates: November 29 and December 13; January and February 2015
Addressed to: amateur youngsters and adults. 
Participants: 10


• Building multicopters (UAV’s, drones) using techniques of digital manufacturing and experimental electronics
This workshop offers a point of departure for the development of personal projects focused in the use of UAVs. Like the model airplane workshops, it offers a part devoted to manufacturing and set up, but it also covers more theoretical aspects regarding the electronic systems for autonomous flight.

Dates: October 11 and 18
Addressed to: interested public with certain knowledge in this regard
Participants: 10
Duration: 12 hours


• Flone workshop
Flone is the winning project of Next Things 2013 – Next Space, the Second Art and Technology Global Challenge, a joint call by Telefónica I+D, a research, development and innovation company of Grupo Telefónica and LABoral. The goal of this call is to bring together art and technology and unleash the huge potential of combining creativity and the perspective of artists with the powerful open hardware technologies.
Flone turns a mobile phone into an autonomous flying device that can gather data and take photos or video recordings.
The result of this research is shown in the exhibition A screaming comes across the sky and the members of the collective Aeracoop (Lot Amorós, Cristina Navarro y Alexandre Oliver), authors and developers of the project, will give a workshop on the critical use of drone technology at LABoral.

Date: November 15 and 16