Abraham Toledano

Informatic engineer and musician


Computer engineer and musician at heart, Abraham Toledano is an artist born in Asturias who explores frontiers between digital textures and atmospheres together with the heartbreaking energy of rock and roll.

In his 25 years of musical career, he has participated in various independent projects, including his participation as voice, guitar and sequences of the band Volta, finalist of the prestigious Nuevas Bandas festival in Venezuela, which placed singles such as Ayer and Despedirnos in the top 10 of the alternative radio stations.

Likewise, with the band Satélite, he once again rotates singles such as: Poco a poco, Artificial, Para siempre, among others. In Venezuela he grew up under the influence of Spanish rock bands such as Soda Stereo, among others, which today largely influence his musical style. In 2000 he moved to the USA where artists like AIR, Garbage, Bjork, awakened his need to experiment with samplers, sequences and digital textures mixed with the sound of traditional rock. So he buys his first sequencer-synthesizer to use it in his rock band.

Abraham returns to Asturias and decides to set up a new project, Perro Piloto, which picks up the essence of Spanish rock from his roots and the paths offered by new technologies. With the support and part of the project Carlos Figarella (guitar, synths, vocals) and a group of friends in “the world wide web” are looking to create new experiences.