A tug of war between the eye and the ear

Until 24 November 2015

Alex Reynolds is an artist, he makes films and projects of various formats for a single viewer in which he displaces cinematographic elements into everyday situations. In this case, he brings us a sound workshop where he will delve into how sound stands as a powerful tool to generate fiction, manipulating the body and directing the gaze to affect how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Thus, through examples from the world of cinema, but also from contemporary art and literature, the relationship between image and sound will be examined, and how they affect each other to change our perception.

It is about expanding our vocabulary in relation to listening and then putting it into practice through the creation of a site-specific sound piece. In addition to this workshop, there will also be a presentation of their work on November 25.

Workshop included in the FICXLAB activities program.

Participants:Maximum 15 people
Schedule:To be defined by the participants