Musical proposal

It is difficult to date the beginning of A-L-M-A as a musical proposal. Pedro Pablo Bazán (Gijón, 1978), hidden under an enigmatic name-sigla, began to devise his own musical proposal that would be a revulsive in the current musical panorama, while at the same time aiming to take a step forward in the musical field.

From there came ‘Invierno Totalitario’, an album of 8 tracks released by ‘Grabaciones Perdidas’ in 2019.

For the live performances he counts on Raúl T. Andrés (Gijón, 1976), composer and producer of electronic music who has participated or participates in different individual projects: ‘The IT Boy’ and collectives, including ‘Lego My Ego’ or ‘We are robots’ and has performed in different venues such as the L.E.V. or the ‘Silver Bullet’.

In the words of writer and editor Servando Rocha:

…It’s very complicated to sound like (almost) nothing recognisable, a kind of zero point of ignition. That’s what A-L-M-A have done, camouflaged behind a project that can boast of having emerged with an unprecedented strength.

The musical pieces seem as if they were manifestos of rage towards alienation, but to a kind of everyday and therefore constant domination and control…