8520 S.W. 27th Pl. v.2

Fernando David Orellana

6 October 2004

Robotic Sculpture Variable dimensions Courtesy of the artist

8520 S.W.27th Pl. consists of six robotic sculptures with a shared operativity. The work strives to symbolize the human process of decision making. Six two-headed identical robots explore individual and transparent tubular structures that resemble labs or incubators. These structures limit the robots to a linear movement, backwards and forward. A sensor operated by an algorithm of random numbers and installed inside each piece controls the movement of the robots (forward, backwards or an almost unsteady immobility). A flickering light on the robots’ heads indicates the efforts made in defining their actions. 8520 S.W. 27th Pl. was awarded with a special mention in the Art and Artificial Life International Competition, Vida 8.0, organised by Fundación Telefónica in 2005.