2nd Meeting Transfers: bioethics and technology

The econodos collective celebrates this second meeting open to the public at the Materia prima exhibition

23 January 2016

The Econodos project (Lorena Lozano and Verónica G. Ardura) Transfers. The arts, sciences and new forms of the local is a Philosophy Laboratory in the context of the exhibition Raw Materials that raises the idea of ​​the plurality of the arts and sciences and the need to generate collaborative processes of knowledge transfer to strengthen common knowledge.

The project is structured around six meetings with presentations, interviews and debates, inviting the community of creators to reflect on the social and political meaning of digital technologies and their ethical and aesthetic implications.

For this meeting we have prepared an interesting debate on ethical issues in relation to the life sciences. Taking as context some of the artistic projects that play with new forms of biotechnological manipulation and life, let us raise the fundamental question of whether everything that is technically possible to do is ethically acceptable. For this, Yolanda Argüelles, nurse and member of the Care Ethics Committee of Area VIII (Asturias), accompanies us.

Our letter is still open, if you would like to contribute to the “listening station” you can send us an audio.

A project by Econodos Lorena Lozano (Dir.), Verónica G. Ardura (Concept.)

Collaborators: Leticia González, Melania Fraga and Nuria Rodríguez