Artist, educator, activist and healer

Cathy Livermore is of Waitaha, Kati Mamoe, Kai Tahu (New Zealand Maori), English, Irish and Scandinavian descent. As an artist, educator, activist and healer, Livermore has been creating, performing and teaching nationally and internationally for 20 years. Her work is driven by the complexity and revelations of her lived experience through her cultural identity as an indigenous Maori woman and European Australian settler and her passion for the natural world. Livermore continues to explore and reflect on the living impacts of our human presence and the social, cultural, economic and political realities that are our creations that make up our worldviews as individuals and cultural collectives. Today, Livermore’s practice is informed by a Maori worldview and draws heavily from cross-cultural spaces of collaboration. His artworks historically focus on dance and performativity and have evolved to focus on digital screen works and now new media technologies. At the intersection of culture, the living world and the technologies we have created to evolve, Livermore explores the nature of our humanity in the way we design our shared futures. As an educator, Livermore has developed pedagogies that incorporate Kaupapa Māori and Pasifika worldviews into tertiary performing arts training programmes in Aotearoa. She has also developed Mauritau, Te Ao Māori mindfulness practices, a body wellness practice that is widely facilitated and shaped by a Maori cultural worldview.