Christophe Viart & Jaime Rodríguez

7 January 2010

Video installation + graphics on different media.

Christophe Viart and Jaime Rodríguez merge their works 0-1+1 and rien in a mannerist drift that breaks the balance between the two works, altering their aura and perception. The photocopies of Viart’s books – drawings alluding to 9/11 and the Iraq war mixed with Moby Dick prints – coexist with the graffiti of the Asturian artist in a massive collage that ends up serving as an improvised screen on which a video by Jaime Rodríguez is projected, images downloaded from the Internet and subjected to different effects and pictorial attempts. In this conflict between light and darkness, everything that is marginal, atomised and fragmentary acquires an inharmonious aesthetic relief.