1 April 2017 – 31 December 2017

Adolfo Fernández (known under the pseudonym of Yunclas) begins his activity in fields far away from electronic music, playing guitar in different bands within the Asturian hardcore-punk-rock scene.

Years later he discovers electronic music through techno, and after a period playing music of others, already under the pseudonym of Yunclas, he begins to produce dark and atmospheric techno.

With a punk philosophy, betting on DIY and self-management, he created a non profit cassette and digital label (Grabaciones Autobombo) with which he released several albums. He has also recorded with labels in Spain and abroad such as Nen Recs (Russia), Otomo (Holland), Xtraperlo Records (Madrid) or Marbre Negre (Barcelona). This last work in Mabre Negre “Tripalium Ligatum” was composed during the residency “El sonido de la Industria” (his second residency in LABoral Centro de Arte), where he moves away from techno to go more industrial ways, working with field recordings and noise generators.

From this, he also made a project with the Sevillian dancer Ana Arenas, where they mix flamenco foot tapping, industrial noise and noise guitar. He has recorded a work called “Luddita” on the Barcelona label Zona Watusa.

Project in residence

Sonorizando el vacío

The project Sonorizando el vacío aims to make field recordings in abandoned places in Asturias that once had a certain activity.

During his residency at LABoral, Adolfo Fernández will intervene in the remains of these places to provoke sonorities that are related to the site in question and its past existence.

Processing those recordings in such a way that they can identify the place and bring back the echoes of the activity they developed in their time relating it to the current abandonment, to the emptiness existing today.

The processing of these recordings and their conversion into a musical language (we are talking about electronic music) will be done in different ways and according to the means available.