WoodscII Totem & LandscII Mosaic

Raquel Meyers

16 June 2016

Sculpture and mosaic

These works ironise the technology using a practically extinct one: the PETSCII code, a variation of the ASCII code (for writing text) used in Commodore’s old 8-bit computers. This leading consumer electronics company in the 1980s was swept away by the rise of IBM and Microsoft. With this commercially dead code, Meyers invented expanded typing, a handcrafted way of using the keyboard and PETSCII characters that draws from both typewriter art and embroidery. The manual precision, combined with an almost brutalist aesthetic, is reminiscent of “Slöjd”, a Scandinavian educational system that praises perseverance. For Meyers, the other name for his language is KYBD slöjd, something like “dexterity with a keyboard”. In these pieces PETSCII jumps from the screen to the sculpture to the floor. Obsolete technology is diverted from its anyway useless ends to become matter: a wink and a nudge to the ruins of the digital. There is no nostalgia in this archaeology of code and plenty of mockery of the myth of innovation. If Woodscii plays with “wood”, Landscii plays with “land”, alluding to the desire of LandArt to monumentally occupy a space and then disappear.