Wind Engines

Víctor Mazón

1 November 2023


Multichannel acoustic and infrasonic pressure device. Two propeller subwoofer systems, ten resonators arranged on a 20:1 scale to the wind turbine blades, customized tools for wind recording and customized electronics The project was co-commissioned by the AHRC and DFG funded project “Weather Reports: Wind as Media, Model, and Experience (2022-2024)” for “Climate Engines” LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in collaboration with the Chair on Climate Change of the University of Oviedo and the Centre for Innovation in Technology for Human Development of the Polytechnic University of Madrid Full HD video with sound

This proposal aims to explore the ecological relationships between sounds of geological, biophonic and anthropogenic origin within the ecosystem of wind farms and the management of the recycling process at the end of its useful life in northern Spain. The research process starts with the monitoring of the Asturian wind ecosystem and its environment and is carried out with art-based and bioacoustic research tools. The project reflects on the relationships between the acoustic diversity of wind farms and the anthropogenic interactions in landscapes where wind domestication is carried out for energy use. Through an alliance with the pioneering sector in the development of wind farms, different audio and environmental data collection techniques will be located to generate the acoustic signature of each park. The result of this residence will be a sound installation reminiscent of the human footprint in the landscape, which also presents a composition based on the acoustic signature of different wind farms and landscape creatures from northern Spain.

The facility will be powered by a series of self-designed devices; wind farms will be monitored with a more than human dimension, recording oscillations and fields above and below the hearing range.