Watching the Watchers

James Bridle

18 March 2014

8 digital prints. 25cm x 18cm

1. Nevada, 2011

2. Palmdale AFB, 2013

3. Afghanistan, 2011

4. Yemen, 2012

5. Creech AFB, Nevada, 2011

6. Palmdale AFB, 2013

7. Dryden Research Center, California, 2011

8. Palmdale AAF, California, 2011

Watching the Watchers is a series of images taken from publicly available digital satellite maps of unmanned aerial vehicles around the world, stationed at training bases in the US desert and secret installations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. These military technologies, designed to operate without being seen – visually, politically, or morally – are nevertheless highly visible on popular services such as Google Maps.

Courtesy: James Bridle