Waking Windows aka Victoria’s Wake

Oriol Sánchez

20 June 2014

Video HD 9’52”

Oriol Sánchez (Spain, 1977) works with filmmaking, video installations and performances. He has also curated several festivals and events devoted to experimental filmmaking and video. His work explores the limits of representation and narrative. Starting from animation, documentary or image appropriation, his work always questions the relationship between sound and image. Another constant is his focus on rhythm, and the materiality and the emotional power of images. A legacy that makes him permeable to the abstraction of experimental cinema without loosing sight of the semantics of figurative cinema, which is closer to reality.

Waking Window’s aka Victoria’s Wake is inspired by horror shows, like the magic lantern and phantasmagoria. It consists of several variations around the origins of the moving image and the death of cinematograph as support and device for projection.