Stephen Kelly, Sofian Audry & Samuel St-Aubin

31 August 2013

An interactive robotic installation developed by Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly and Samuel St-Aubin.

Public presentation: Saturday, August 31, at 12:00 noon at LABoral
Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly and Samuel St-Aubin will present their installation in an event open to the public to which all those interested are invited.

Vessels is a robotic installation made up of large groups of autonomous aquatic vehicles. The project by Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly and Samuel St-Aubin includes 50 autonomous aquatic vehicles that interact with each other and with their environment, forming a simple ecosystem. In their collective behaviour they resemble the social interactions that occur in a community of living beings. Observers can empathise with the robots’ behaviour, attribute intentions and motivations to their actions, and draw correlations between the group dynamics and the invisible features of their environment.

The three Canadian artists will carry out a residency at LABoral where they will continue their research on this biologically inspired robotic experiment that is, at the same time, an art installation closely linked to the discipline of Artificial Life.