Roger Hiorns

22 March 2014

Plastic, foam and compressor x 14

Roger Hiorns’ Untitled sculptures are a gathering of bodies hanging from the ceiling that produce a never-ending stream of foam out of thin air. The sculptures contain ordinary bath foam, and air is generated from a small network of air compressors. Over time, pillars of foam slowly rise from the top.

The sculptures have a haunting beauty to them, drawing the viewer in, albeit with an eerie sense of alertness and a hint of dread. Together, they “suggest a sort of independence,” says art critic JJ Charlesworth, “a separation from the world of those who see them, as if they have a purpose, or at least a story behind their existence, that exists despite the context in which they are encountered.” The process of seemingly purposeless and endless creation and destruction are a poetic reflection on the networks drones rely upon. The sculptures could be seen as both the drones, as the mutilated bodies left after the network has struck.

Courtesy: Roger Hiorns; Corvi-Mora Gallery, London