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23th october 2013 – 5th january 2014

23 October 2013 – 05 January 2014

A tour of the audiovisual platform PLAT

This exhibition features works by artists from the PLAT audiovisual platform/archive, an online film archive of independent Spanish cinema as well as a self-run platform for audiovisual dissemination and research with free access to its contents.

Over and above any external discourse about how to orchestrate the works, the show wishes to cast light on the latest trends in audiovisual creation by paying attention to works which somehow speak for themselves.

As if in an electric circuit or a system, the specificities of each piece reverberate, impinge on and transform the following. In so doing, they create a kind of story in which the differing forms and narrative motifs bond together or cut the cord to their source tradition.

At the same time, the works weave a net encompassing the whole that directly addresses the state of the moment: the New Documentary, with its yearning to access the real, the ghosts from the past that haunt our present in experiments with forms, textures and colours, without overlooking the filmed diary, the report, the music video, urban symphonies and other technical interventions such as collage, found footage or appropriationism.

Furthermore, the show has a competitive edge to it. As part of the Gijon International Film Festival (FICX), a prize will be presented to one of the participants, consisting of a two-week production residence at LABoral. The winner will be announced at FICX in 2014.

Produced by: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

In association with: Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón

Curated by: Alfredo Aracil

Artists: Samuel Alarcón, Albert Alcoz, Velasco Broca, Chus Domínguez, Guillermo G. Peydró, Kikol Grau, Verónica Ibarra, Alberte Pagán

  Laboral 2 lineas  FICX
Gobierno del Principado