Una mesa propia (danza de manos) #1

Olga Mesa & Marián Suárez

2 June 2020

Olga Mesa & Marián Suárez. In dialogue with Francisco Ruiz de Infante Video 10’46” and poems.

Two women in confinement. Mother and daughter, poet and choreographer. Both converge in the intimacy of a space -a work table-; in the immensity of a “suspended time” and vital (a “choreogram”) and vital, for a body that wishes to fly over and touch the world there, in the “conFINES” of feeling and understanding. (O. Mesa)

There is no distance between the two women, nor time that separates them.
Physically distant and emotionally united, they share their window, their table, their bed, their care.
Between them they delve into the depths of affection, into the stillness of movement, into the proximity of distance.
Between them they create a work with words that dance and movements that become verse.
This project is developed as a series of film essays that can be screened, broadcast on the internet, combined with protocols for possible public performances. It also constitutes a research laboratory for the realisation of a film and performance work Shooting de Waves (provisional title) that Olga Mesa will carry out in autumn 2022. Cross-dialogues, translations, evocations, chance, visions and versions, associations dis/encountered through the gaze and work of women artists, poets, choreographers, writers, directors and fictional characters. This project is dedicated to the Asturian poet and writer Marián Suárez, who died on 9 February 2021 in Avilés.