Una historia nunca contada desde abajo

Regina de Miguel

18 April 2016

HD video and 3D animation, 01:09:38

The starting point for A Story Never Told from Below is one of the most radical and unusual cases in the recent history of communication technologies, namely, the project Cybersyn or Synco. This project, which was directed by the cybernetic visionary, Stafford Beer, was set up in Chile between 1971 and 1973 during the government of President Salvador Allende. It came to an abrupt end as a result of the coup led by Augusto Pinochet.
Based on the story of the Freedom Machine, which proposed to “deliver the tools of science to the people”, and other paradigmatic scenarios linked to the notion of disappearance and buried knowledge, the result is a filmic narrative, divided into acts, combining elements of the historical documentary, science/political fiction and psychological portrait.
Utopias, even the most revolutionary ones, always attest the systematic failures ofthe time when they were formulated; this audiovisual essay considers this issue and attempts to think about what is behind the generalised, positivist uses of technologies, highlighting the conditions which, in this case, promoted and later nullified them. Like an atemporal narrative machine, it places us at the point of dissolution of the distance between humanity and technology, exploring the fissures that this produces.

Film produced thanks to the Grants for Video Art Creation of Fundación BBVA