UKI viral love

Shu Lea Cheang

13 April 2013


The installation features large stills from two performance installations. UKI viral love is the sequel to Cheang’s acclaimed cyberpunk movie I.K.U. (premiered at Sundance Film Festival, 2000) conceived in two parts – a viral performance and a viral game. The story is about coders dispatched by the Internet porn enterprise, GENOM Corp, to collect human, orgasm data, for consumption through mobile phone plug-in. In a post-net crash era they become data deprived and these coders are suddenly dumped into an e- trashscape environment where hackers and coders, twitters, networkers are forced to scavenge from techno-waste: amidst the rubble of wires, cables, boards, keyboards and computers, these defunct replicants also seek parts and codes to resurrect themselves.

Performers: Radie Manssour, Maria Llopis

Photo: Rocio Campana

UKI viral love is part of the UKI project developed with collaborations and residencies at: Hangar media lab (Barcelona, Spain), Medialab Prado (Madrid, Spain), LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial [Plataforma Cero] (Gijón, Spain), Imaginarium (Tourcoing, France)