To Love the Hibiscus, You Must First Love the Monsoon

Paky Vlassopoulou

20 October 2022

Ceramics, variable dimensions Commissioned by Onassis Stegi for “Weather Engines” (2022)

Water is a regulating factor not only for the climate but also for life on the planet. Today’s higher temperatures and often extreme weather conditions affect the availability and distribution of rainfall, snowmelt, river flows and groundwater, which also further deteriorate water quality. The work “To love the hibiscus, you must first love the monsoon” is a composition of objects that refer to the collection, transport and storage of water.Roof tiles, pipes, filters, vessels and funnels that appear complete or broken, industrial or artisanal, past or present, lie on the ground as fragments of water infrastructure and utensils. They point to the use, waste or scarcity of water, while their location highlights the connection between water, soil, vegetation and life.