Theater Plus

4 October 2021 – 27 November 2021

Teatro PLUS is a professional theater, puppet and marionette theater group for girls and boys, founded in 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its members Olga and Aleksandar Churchich are acting and puppet theater professionals, graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Cinema, Sofia, Bulgaria (1992-96). Since 2001, Teatro PLUS has been based in Spain and since 2002 in Gijón. As of 2020, the two main members of the company separate and the company name Teatro PLUS is managed by Olga Zeceva. In these years the company has experimented in different types of theater. From a fun musical with puppets in “Very tasty”, to the complicated technique of shadow theater in “La Leyenda del Farol”, the mix between clown and puppet in “El Tiempo Perdido” and even explore living matter such as bread dough in the latest show “PAN”. Alek Curcic, the new generation, after finishing his studies in Spain, pursued a career as a theater and puppet actor at the National Academy of Theater and Film in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Project in residence

Geometría del alma

“Geometry of the SOUL” is an experimental laboratory whose purpose is the production of a unique show of its kind: fusion between body expression, contemporary dance and visual and object theater that expresses the relationship between simple geometric shapes and the human body, a body that gives soul to geometry and is composed of geometric shapes. A body that is the result of millions of years of evolution of a microcosm that starts from these same forms and that is the reflection of the macrocosm of the Universe.

“I have within me the measurements of Heaven, Earth and Hell.” Giacomo Andrea.

If the perfection of geometry is the sphere, in nature it is the soul, the life of all living beings. And all of them are tailored to the geometry. But what about life itself? How do you measure a soul?

Height, width, length, age, happiness?

For the steps taken or for those that remain to be taken?

And what is the soul of geometry? That’s easy: art.

The goal of this project is to use the soul of geometry to imagine the geometry of the soul.

Projects selected in the II Call for Artistic Residencies 2021