The planet after geoengineering

Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy (Design Earth)

17 October 2021

Graphic Animation

Graphic Animation, 13’30”. Music: Christine Southworth & Evan Ziporyn, 2021. Airplane Ears Music (ASCAP) Commissioned by the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture

Geoengineering refers to technologies that counteract the effects of anthropogenic climate change by deliberately intervening in earth systems. Climate scientists and policymakers are deeply divided over which forms of geoengineering to pursue, if any. What lies ahead for the planet as the window for action on climate change is rapidly closing? “Planet after geoengineering is a speculative fabulation about climate engineering technologies. The project portrays a series of possible Earths after the deployment of such promising technologies, while situating them within a genealogy of climate control projects from 19th century rain machines and volcanic eruptions to Cold War military plans. The series of five chapters-Petrified Carbon, Arctic Albedo, The River of Heaven, Sulphur Storm, and Dust Cloud-are assembled into a planetary section from deep underground to outer space. Each geohistory constructs the worlds of such technologies by accounting for their unintended externalities: of sites, scales, economies, values, and ways of life.