The Memorable Familiar

Grace Quintanilla

12 April 2015

This section contains a range of documentation of works by artists engaged in various disciplines of electronic art. Most of them were born in the digital era, something that seems to be a condition through which they reveal their familiarity with technology and its use as a tool for creating art. Through formal essays and personal discourses, the pieces are organised following a main feature: The exploration of “space(s)” of an apparent tension between the familiar and the memorable.

During the reading process I noted that the topics that they address are diverse but not new: Migration, surveillance, identity, the public and the private, the domestic, the body, among others: Its process do not correspond to any formal concern about building a specific language for electronic arts: Its concern are regarding the discourse. In these pieces technology is, rather than a source of inspiration, a tool deliberately chosen as a “medium” to broadcast a discourse. Most of the work that I analysed shows that these artists constantly migrate very easily between the diverse disciplines of electronic arts such as video, installation, circuit bending, performance, augmented reality, animation, among others. Due to the historical context in which they work, they revisit common places, from less common places.

  • Programme 1. From 15 of April to 12 of July

Roberto Reyes. Panóptico, 2006
DV, 5’27”

Andrés Padilla Domene. Ferroproyección, 2008
HDV, 4’26”

Verbobala. English, 2009
HDV, 6’26”

Adriana Trujillo. Videodiario de un pollero, 2007
HDV, 18’11”

Fernando Frías. Jimigration, 2007
HDV-16 mm, 6’18”

Daniel Reyes. Daniel Reyes para presidente, 2009
HD, 1’36” (trailer)

  • Programme 2. From 15 of July to 25 of October

Alfredo Borboa. Comeluz, 2009
DV, 1’30”

Bruno Bresani. Contenedor de los amores imposibles, 2008-2009
Mini DV, 1’00’’

Ulises Barreda. Espejo 4, 2008
Mini DV, 3’00’’

Juan Pablo Villegas. Hard Black, 2008
DV, 2’21”

Cremance. Retirando los platos, 2008
Video Hi 8, 7’54”

Antonio Coello. Chimbumbe, 2006-2008
S16 mm y S8 mm / 35 mm, 12’59”

Anni Garza Lau. The Drama Manager, 2008
Mini DV, 4’59”

Nuria Fragoso. Habitat, 2008
Mini DV, 5’19”