The Medium is the Medium / Conversaciones 2

Marían Garrido

1 September 2013

2013. Video DV PAL. 20’

The Medium is the Medium speaks about media and also about mediators. The title alludes to one of the first programs from the 1970s to use videographic practice to reflect on the role of television in the construction of the collective imaginary. And, at once, it also speaks of the work of Marshall MacLuhan, one of the pioneers to lay a theory of communication able to confer life to objects and technology, and also one of the first to give it the consideration of a space as an extension of the human.

Marian Garrido centres her practice on theories that, based on a clash of academicism and pop, hover over the myth of the dead brought back to life, ghosts and also phantasmagoria in film and in video.