The image, the tapestry

Pablo Casanueva

21 June 2023

Mixed media

This project deals with the search for the political in the portraits of the family archive, a search that appears in what is in shadow, in what is discreet. Pablo Casanueva’s research attempts to reconstruct the political trajectories of his family, Los Luna, by searching the public archives and the traces they left behind. Fear [the refuge], mourning [the x-ray of pain], hope [political commitment], are there. These images confront forgetfulness and the hegemony of power.

The artist seeks, through photography and film, an anchorage in the past that allows him to address the present and the future. In this process, he makes the small big and gives space to the forgotten that runs through us and shapes us. All of this is finally transferred to a film that shows the places where his family passed through, which are also those of the author, who restores the memory of what once happened and was thought, like someone who restores the paintings of a burnt church.